Barcelona to Seville

On Wednesday, October 26 we packed our bags and took a high-speed train ride to Seville via Madrid. High speed is right—we covered the 620 miles from Barcelona to Seville in just 5 hours and 40 minutes of travel time. From Barcelona to Madrid the train hit a top speed of 180 mph.

With a population of 697,000 Seville is a smaller city than Barcelona. It is also smaller in area and much more walkable.

We stayed in an Airbnb apartment not far from the old part of town, Barrio Santa Cruz. Our apartment was on a street called Calle Amor de Dios (God’s Love). Calle Amor de Dios opened out into the Alemeda de Hercules, a large plaza with many restaurants, all with outdoor seating. The weather in Seville is hot, even at the end of October, with daytime temperatures into the 80’s (F). Every night the Alemeda de Hercules was filled with people, young and old, enjoying the weather, the food and drinks, the camaraderie, and life itself. The party atmosphere continued late into the night, especially on the weekend.

Apartments at 50 Amor de Dios
Apartments at 50 Amor de Dios
Courtyard at 50 Amor de Dios