Granada to Madrid

On Friday, November 4 we left Granada for Madrid. There were three parts to the trip: Granada to Antequera, Antequera to Cordoba, and Cordoba to Madrid. In Granada the train tracks were being repaired, so we had to take a bus to Antequera. From the bus we could see the Sierra Nevada Mountains and many miles of olive trees under cultivation. Olives are a major export of Spain.

Rock mesa with olive trees
Rock mesa with olive trees (lower-left)
Mountains near Antequera
Mountains near Antiquera

We had some excitement changing trains in Cordoba. We had only 9 minutes to change trains, which normally would not have been enough time because you have to leave the platform and go back through the security screening. But the station personnel moved us to the front of the line, and we boarded the train with no time to spare. Because we had to board quickly, we entered the train in Coach 1 and had to make our way to back to Coach 9 while the train was moving. We had a great tour of the first-class cars and the crowded bar car, swaying from side to side and rolling our luggage behind. The other passengers were really nice about it.

Madrid was quite a contrast with little Granada. With 3.6 million people, Madrid is Spain’s largest city and the capital. As we emerged from the train station and lined up for a taxi, I was reminded of New York City.

Our Airbnb apartment was in one of the oldest parts of the city, just a few blocks from El Prado, one of the world’s premier art museums and our destination for the following day.

Apartment in Madrid
Apartment in Madrid

The apartment was on the third floor, and there was no elevator. As we labored up the stairs carrying our luggage, I was reminded of Eddie Cochran’s great song, Twenty Flight Rock.

Steps leading up to our apartment in Madrid
Wooden steps worn smooth from use
Wooden steps worn smooth from use

Although the building was old, the interior of our small apartment was modern, clean, and comfortable.

Inside the apartment in Madrid
Inside the apartment in Madrid

In Madrid we had fall weather more like what we are used to, light rain and 60° F.