Granada to Madrid

On Friday, November 4 we left Granada for Madrid. There were three parts to the trip: Granada to Antequera, Antequera to Cordoba, and Cordoba to Madrid. In Granada the train tracks were being repaired, so we had to take a bus to Antequera. From the bus we could see the Sierra Nevada Mountains and many … More Granada to Madrid

Granada: Day 3

Thursday, November 3 was a day of rest for us. We needed it after walking around the Alhambra for several hours the previous day. The Alhambra, the Albaicín, and many of the streets in Spanish towns are paved with cobblestone, often in mosaic patterns. They are interesting to look at but hard to walk on. … More Granada: Day 3

Granada: Day 2

On Wednesday, November 2 we again strolled up the hill to the Alhambra, this time for the fully sanctioned experience. The Alhambra is a huge complex of buildings and gardens. The main features are the Alcazaba fortress, the Nazaríes Palace, the Charles V Palace, the Partal Gardens and the Generalife Gardens (that last one is … More Granada: Day 2

Granada: Day 1

With a population of 238,000, Granada is smaller and more walkable than Seville. Granada has three neighborhoods that are of interest to tourists: Old Town (Centro). The center of town, with the Cathedral, City Hall, and many hotels. A short walk up the hill from Centro leads to the Alhambra, a fortress and palace complex … More Granada: Day 1

Seville to Granada

On Monday, October 31 we boarded a train to Granada via Cordoba. While Barcelona and Seville are close to sea level, Granada is at a higher elevation (about 2300 feet). While the weather was still pleasant (mid-70s the daytime), the nights were cool and people did not stay outside into the night as they did … More Seville to Granada

Seville: Day 4

On Sunday, October 30 we were finally able to visit the Real Alcázar. This royal palace still serves as a residence for the king and queen of Spain when they visit Seville once or twice a year. The original Moorish structure was embellished by successive generations of Spanish Christians, so you can see a variety … More Seville: Day 4

Seville: Day 3

On Saturday, October 29 we wandered around Barrio Santa Cruz and found a charming restaurant for lunch, La Cueva (The Cave). We had an excellent lunch there. Food in Spain is inexpensive. We had a meal of salad, paella, and dessert for 13.50 € each. The streets in Seville are narrow, which keeps them in … More Seville: Day 3